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OFCCP: Transparency in Action | Shining a Light on Compliance Procedures (Sept. 2018)

At OFCCP, we succeed when contractors succeed. Today, we are taking another step toward joint success with the release of two new policy directives, shining a brighter light on our [&hellip

Justice Department Announces Fourth Settlement Protecting U.S. Workers From Discrimination (Sept. 2018)

The Justice Department today reached a settlement agreement with Palmetto Beach Hospitality LLC (Palmetto), a company that provides housekeeping services to hotels in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. The [&hellip

“Auxiliary Aids and Services Available on Request to Persons With Disabilities”

If you operate or administer federally funded programs and activities, or if you are a state or local government agency, federal civil rights laws require that you include the foregoing [&hellip

OFCCP: Building an Affirmative Action Program (Sept. 2018)

WHAT is a FAAP? OFCCP knows from listening to stakeholders that an affirmative action program only covering employees in one building at a specific geographical location does not always reflect [&hellip

IER & EEOC Webinar on Employment Discrimination Protections for AAPI and other Worker Communities

The EEOC Boston Area Office and IER are offering a free webinar on employment discrimination protections for AAPI and other worker communities. This webinar is open to all members of [&hellip

Political Affiliation Discrimination by Seena Foster

Political affiliation discrimination occurs when an adverse action is taken against a person based on the person’s political affiliation or beliefs. Political affiliation discrimination may arise in federally-assisted programs and [&hellip

OFCCP to Recognize Innovative Contractors (Aug. 2018)

To expand its compliance assistance tools and resources, OFCCP is developing an initiative that recognizes high-quality and high-performing contractors, as explained in Directive 2018-06, Contractor Recognition Program. The new recognition [&hellip

OFCCP: New Resources for Contracting Officials (Aug. 2018)

Federal agency contracting officials are integral partners with OFCCP in assisting and ensuring that federal contractors meet their equal employment opportunity obligations. As part of ongoing efforts to enhance compliance [&hellip

U.S. Department of Justice Weekly Digest Bulletin: Employment Authorization Documents Extensions for Yemen and Haiti (Aug. 2018)

Information on EADs for TPS Yemen 08/20/2018 USCIS has automatically extended the validity of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) issued under the TPS designation of Yemen with an original expiration date [&hellip

OFCCP Issues New Contractor Compliance Directive (Aug. 2018)

The OFCCP directive Analysis of Contractor Compensation Practices During a Compliance Evaluation outlines OFCCP’s standard procedures for reviewing contractor compensation practices during a compliance evaluation. This directive replaces OFCCP Directive [&hellip